Thursday, January 31, 2008

Holy shit, last day of the month!

I've been a negligent poster, dear reader. I'd like to say January zipped right by, but it didn't. I've spent the month revising and editing my new book, a pursuit that has unfortunately completely consumed any available blogging time (and I still ain't done). But why am I making excuses? This is my blog, right? There's no Blog Boss I gotta answer to, I can do anything I want so screw it. As long as I make my self-imposed one-post-per-month quota, I'm golden. (Phew, just made it.)

Oh, I guess I should mention a shocking Asian film while I'm here. How about this: Sleepy Eyes of Death: The Human Tarantula. Here's a review by Paghat the Ratgirl. Great flick, definitely among the more scandalous of the series.

I'll be back ...