Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Secret of the Urn (again)

It's a great film, a fantastic entry in the genre, and just a roaring good time.

That's what I said in a recent blog entry regarding Hideo Gosha's samurai classic Secret of the Urn (1966). So you can imagine how surprised I was to read those very words on the back of the box containing Animeigo's new DVD release of the film. Hey, that's me! And it is!

I originally wrote about Secret of the Urn in my first book, Stray Dogs & Lone Wolves. The blog entry was a revisit for the sake of last Fall's annual Wildgrounds' Japanese film blogathon. So between book and blog, I've said pretty much what I want to say about this fine film. Now it's your good fortune to have it readily available. My advice: Carpe diem, temups fugit and that -- snap it up and cherish it.


Dr. Stan Glick said...

Glad to hear about Animego quoting you. Strange that they don't let us know in advance. Could they think we'd possibly object to being quoted? Beats me.

Patrick Galloway said...

I'm guessing they know we love to be quoted, and we'll find out about it soon enough, so why bother to tell us ahead of time?

Problem is when they misquote -- they had me saying "Samurai Knights of the Roundtable … " on the back of the Shinsengumi Chronicles box. Never said it.

Dr. Stan Glick said...

Yeah, they're weird sometimes. Remember you let me know they'd quoted me on the "Samurai Vendetta" DVD box? First off, I might never have known if it hadn't been for your email. Secondly, the quote was accurate, but it was from my blog AsianCineFest, not Asian Cult Cinema magazine. I didn't really mind, but I do prefer that such things are done right.

Patrick Galloway said...