Wednesday, April 29, 2009

R.I.P. Tadao Nakamaru

You may know him as the egg salad-addicted Shepherd Wong from Woody Allen's What's Up, Tiger Lily? (originally International Secret Police: Key of Keys). He was, in fact, a contract player for Toho studios and a fine actor, appearing in classic samurai films like Kill!, Warring Clans, Samurai Assassin and Sword of Doom. In addition, like his Toho cohorts, he played roles in a variety of genres including yakuza flicks (Fangs of the Underworld, Bloody Territories), sci-fi (The Secret of the Telegian, The H-Man), kaiju-eiga (Mechagodzilla vs. Godzilla) and war pictures (Desperado Outpost, Japan's Longest Day).

More on his death here. He will be missed.

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