Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Book Update

Just got the word from the publisher: "Book went off to printer. Have not rec'd ship date yet, but usually 3-4 weeks, and then another couple weeks to show up in stores."

So look for it in early July. Probably best to order from, as my stuff isn't really big box store-friendly (although I've heard reports that some Borders on the East Coast have carried it).

This book has been a long time coming (the MS was done as of February of 2008), but economic trends and production issues have conspired to drag the whole process out. Nevertheless now, at long last, it's comin' to ya, on a dusty road -- good samurai films? I got a truckload! We're talking magnum opus, people. So if you like your shoes, better take them off, because your socks are gonna get blown right through 'em.


Obenjo Kusanosuke said...

Great news, Pat! Congratulations! I am really looking forward to reading this. The anticipation has been building up for years!!!

Patrick Galloway said...

Thanks, Obenjo, you baka tono you.