Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Lone Wolf & Cub on blu-ray

The one thing I've always pointed out about the Lone Wolf & Cub films, beyond the mind-bending martial arts and geysers of blood, is the fact that they are exceptionally well made films, capturing and utilizing the natural beauty of a wide variety of Japanese landscapes; forest, desert, ocean, grove -- the color and clarity of the nature imagery contrasts and enhances the dark doings of the human dimension.

So you can imagine my excitement at AnimEigo's release of the entire six-film series in a two-disk blu-ray pack. Man, those colors just POP! If any film series could be improved by a blu-ray release, this is it.

Now I hear you saying, "Aw jeez, times are tough, and I already have these films on DVD. Do I really need 'em on blu-ray too?" Yes. Yes you do. I'm telling you, I've probably seen these films more than you, but they have a timeless quality -- they never get old. So if you're going to be watching them for the rest of your life, don't you want the best looking copies available? Plus you get the industry standard AnimEigo features: Excellent subtitles, subtitle gloss to help you understand Edo-period terminology, as well as comprehensive film notes featuring a wealth of historical background. With this collection and my books, you'll be in samurai hog heaven!


Dr. Stan Glick said...

Gotta get me on the AnimeEgo review screener list!

Patrick Galloway said...

Yeah Stan, I don't think you get enough screeners ... !