Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Destiny's Son at the Japan Society

I wrote about this film years ago in Stray Dogs & Lone Wolves. I said, "The feel of Destiny's Son is like a haiku. Lyrical, minimalist, it is a beautiful film, infused with the Japanese aesthetic qualities of tranquility, introspection and reverence for nature ... A deep Zen calm surrounds and interpenetrates the people and settings of the film; even the violence and treachery are subsumed in it, making these elements somehow more and less disturbing simultaneously." I'm inclined to agree.

Anyhow, The New York Japan Society will be showing it February 19th and I encourage all my NYC homies to get on over there and see it. Director Kenji Misumi made a lot of chambara pictures with the legendary Raizo Ichikawa (above), but only one like this -- a true gem.


Samuel Jamier said...

Very well put!

Patrick Galloway said...

I just sent you the link. You're too fast!