Monday, November 29, 2010

Pat live in Portland

Hey, if you're in Portland, Oregon on Friday, December 10th and have nothing better to do, why not fall by the Northwest Film Center and take in a samurai film? Namely The Hidden Blade (2004), the second in Yoji Yamada's Samurai Trilogy. I'll be introducing the film; I also wrote a bit about it in Warring Clans, Flashing Blades. There will be a book-signing after the screening, so if you've already bought a copy (god bless you), bring it and I'll sign it. Otherwise, there will be copies available for purchase. See you there!


Dr. Stan Glick said...

Best wishes for a great evening, which I'm sure it will be. Just wish I could be there. Love all three films in Yamada's "Samurai Trilogy."

Patrick Galloway said...

There's a switch -- you wishing you could be out here. Film event-wise, I still think you've got the better deal ... !

Thanks, Stan. :)