Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Total Film's 60 Greatest Movie Books

Guess who made the list? Asia Shock is #23.

A particular kick, as this is my favorite Brit mag. I even went to the considerable expense of securing a subscription. I also enjoy sending them insulting emails castigating their staff for occasional mistakes regarding Asian film. Being British, this is no doubt the reason for their warm embrace.

Anyhow, thank you, Total Film!


Travis Belrose said...

Hey, congratulations. I have a post-Christmas book spending spree planned. Before I spring for anything, could you tell me if between Stray Dogs and Warring Clans if one of them has more content devoted to the Zatoichi series?

Patrick Galloway said...

Both books have about the same amount of dedicated Zatoichi content (4 or 5 films each, I think). The first book looks more at the early films, while the second hits various installments. Second book also covers Shiranui Kengyo, Katsu's first outing as a blind masseur (a very wicked one!).

My advice: Buy both ;)

Obenjo Kusanosuke said...

Hey Pat, Congratulations!! That's pretty cool to see Asia Shock made that list.

And Travis, You really should buy both books. To buy only one of them is like going into a pub and ordering a half a pint of a favorite ale or beer when you have enough change in your pocket and don't need to drive home. So go for the full pint and get both books! :) You'll feel happy and intoxicated by all the good stuff in SDLW and WCFB.

Patrick Galloway said...

Obenjo, you took the pint mug right out of my mouth!

Travis Belrose said...

Obenjo, it's a compelling analogy, but I need to leave some room in my budget for wine (Vaporis), sake (Ooms), and maybe even a little moonshine (Les)!

Obenjo Kusanosuke said...

No offense to Les, but the shine has bad next morning side effects. Drink the ale and have some wine!